About Amy Wright

Amy has been practicing massage in the Kalamazoo and surrounding areas for 18 years. She is a certified graduate of the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage professionals.

Practicing in the Kalamazoo and surrounding areas, Amy Wright specializes in corporate chair massage.

Amy enjoys bringing her services to the public. She believes there is something to be said for the relaxing benefit to the client who receives bodywork in their environment. They are more able to relax, and the relaxation is deeper and lasts longer since the client isn’t interrupted with driving home, and dealing with outside interferences immediately following their session.

Amy believes that as we continue on in our high paced, stressful lifestyle, the health of our mind and body are greatly impacted. Providing massage in the workplace can help to relieve stress related injury and illness to the employee who doesn’t have or take the time to seek this benefit outside of the workplace. Chair massage also benefits the employer by helping to reduce sick leave and sick pay, and increasing speed and accuracy. Keeping employees happy and healthy can be a key factor in the success of a business.

As Amy continues in her career, she hopes to instill her beliefs of the benefits of corporate chair massage into the minds of more Southwest Michigan business owners, and see a change in the way employees are cared for, not only monetarily, but also physically, mentally and emotionally.

What can I say, a 30-minute chair massage at the beginning of the day — what a fabulous way to start the day. Amy works out all of the kinks.

— Stephanie G.