Your Southwest Michigan Business Will Benefit From Corporate Massage

Chair massage provides important benefits to your organization, your staff or your clients. Regular sessions at your place of business can:

  • Reduce Stress: the overall session is designed to reduce physical as well as mental stress.
  • Reduce Tension Headaches: many times the cause of tension headaches is due to tightness in the shoulders or neck muscles. By reducing this tension can help to eliminate tension headaches.
  • Increase Morale: chair massage creates a nicer work environment that benefits everyone. Employees see this program as an effective benefit that shows them that your company cares about them.
  • Reduce company costs: chair massage can actually help to reduce sick pay and lower workers compensation costs by helping workers avoid injuries and mistakes caused by excess stress.
  • Low-Cost/High Profile Benefit: chair massage can be a direct benefit to the company, costing little or no money to the employer themselves.

Are Your Employees Overstressed?

From manufacturers to hospitals to auto dealerships, companies in Southwest Michigan (and across the country) are using seated massage services to make work literally less of a pain in the neck for employees. Seated massage provides hard-working employees with a convenient method of alleviating the stress inherent in these competitive times.

Slouching at a desk for prolonged periods often results in lower back pain. Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrom, are common among office workers. A 10- to 20-minute “stress buster” massage relieves tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles, reducing irritability and increasing productivity.

Though invisible to the eye, the negative effects of job stress are dramatic.


  • Workplace stress costs American businesses an estimated $200 billion annually as a result of absenteeism, lost productivity and insurance claims.
  • More than 50 percent of lost work days are stress-related.
  • One study found that 43% of workers suffer noticeable physical and emotional symptoms of burnout.

I love having Kalamazoo Chair Massage available at work. As a busy mom of four I do not take time to care for myself. Working with chronically ill patients can be stressful as well. The massages are an awesome break in the day and help relieve some stress.

— Rebecca L.